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Monday, August 11, 2014

Wrecker Procession in memorial for Ryker Dattage

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pick Up

Too Many Chiefs

Tanker truck leaking propane after crash onnUtah 30 near Laketown- Herald Journal 1/14/2013

Tanker truck leaking propane after crash on Utah 30 near Laketown


All lanes of travel from Laketown to Wyoming are closed this afternoon as officials work to secure the crash site of a semi-truck and its leaking propane tanker.

Officials say Hwy. 30 could be closed at least through this evening and possibly into tomorrow.  The highway is closed from the mouth of Laketown Canyon  to the junction of Hwy. 30 and Hwy 16.

According to Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Lee Perry, the driver of a semi was driving westbound on Hwy. 30 Saturday morning when he ran off the road and lost control of the truck.

Perry said it appears the truck rolled and the truck landed on its wheels, but the tanker hauling 10,000 gallons of is on its side.

The crash caused damage to the tanker, which is now leakig propane onto the roadway.

Perry said the road will be closed in that region until officials are able to analyze the damaged tanker and decide if it can be repaired on site or if the fuel can be off-loaded. He estimates that will be at least three to four hours.

Worst-case scenario, it could be closed as long as 24-hours, he said.

The driver of the truck did sustain injuries in the accident and has been transported to an Evanston hospital.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Elden's is an Auto Body Shop too!

Lance grumbled at the following article in this morning’s newspaper.  It's not so much that they mentioned Miller's but the way the article is composed it makes it seem like Elden's is only a tow company and not an auto collision repair shop as well.

Fishing your car out of the river 
Herald Journal February 24, 2012

So you drive off the road into the Logan River. Once you’re safely back on land, what about your car?

With all the vehicles taking the plunge lately at milepost 473, this is a question we suspect a lot of readers might have had, so we called a local towing company and auto-body repair shop to find out more.

Getting the car out of the river can range from a very easy job to a complex operation, according to Elden Dattage of Dattage Towing in Logan, who has pulled dozens of vehicles, including semi trailer rigs, out of rivers in the region. Because of the many variables, Dattage wouldn’t venture a price estimate for the job. “Every situation is so different,” he said.

And what about water damage to the car? That, too, can vary widely depending on how much of the vehicle becomes submerged.

“The biggest problem is water getting into the electronics,” said Jeff Miller of Miller Auto Body. “If the car is filled with water up to the dashboard level, in most cases it’s going to be totaled. It’s like throwing your cellphone in the toilet.”

Like Dattage, Miller has handled a lot of submerged vehicles over the years, including the Honda Accord righted by passing motorists in a dramatic rescue at milepost 473 on New Year’s Eve. That car took in a lot of water and was declared totaled by the driver’s insurance company.

No word whether Miller’s or Dattage’s employees have ever found a fish in any of these vehicles.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Elden Pulls Out Car Logan River Pictures

Another car falls into Logan River at notorious canyon location


Another car falls into Logan River at notorious canyon location

updated: 17 hours ago By Amy Macavinta

A new warning sign and statewide publicity about a dangerous curve in Logan Canyon has apparently not slowed drivers, as another car had to be pulled out of Logan River on Tuesday afternoon near mile marker 473 on U.S. Highway 89. Neither of the two individuals in the vehicle were injured in the crash.

According to the Utah Highway Patrol, the driver of a blue Saturn was northbound on the Logan Canyon road at about 12:30 p.m. The driver entered the curve at mile post 473.5 and exited the road to the right onto the right shoulder.

Logan resident Colleen Larkin, 20, overcorrected to the left into oncoming traffic, then tried to steer back to the right and exited the road. The car left the road, sliding down toward the river, coming to rest with the front of the car in the water, according to UHP.

Larkin and her passenger, Alex Bernkopf, 20, also of Logan, were both wearing seatbelts.

Larkin was cited for driving too fast for existing conditions.

The UHP said this has been a hazardous curve for years. However, it first gained UDOT's attention after three children - two who had stopped breathing - were pulled from inside a car in the freezing river in a dramatic rescue on New Year's Eve.

Three weeks later, another truck left the roadway and in a matter of seconds landed in the river.

UDOT has confirmed plans to increase safety on this curve, but there is no specific plan or time frame involved.



Twitter: @amacavinta

Location:Logan Canyon
Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hop to it Hoppy

       Highway 165 crash brings hazmat teams, closes roads temporarily
Utah Highway Patrol troopers believe drugs and alcohol may have played a role in a crash that diverted traffic off state Highway 165 from Nibley to Providence late Wednesday afternoon.
According to Lt. Lee Perry of the Utah Highway Patrol, the eastbound driver of a Toyota Camry started to pull onto the highway from 1700 South, at a two-way stop intersection.
The driver of an oncoming 10-wheeler saw the Camry enter the intersection and swerved to miss the car, but the two collided at the truck's gas tank, causing a small diesel spill at the scene of the accident.
The truck went off the side of the road and the Camry was struck again by a Jeep Cherokee.
According to Jill Parker of the Bear River Health Department, the fuel spill was confined to a gutter area and was easily cleaned up by the Logan Fire Hazmat team. However, troopers made a request for the Utah Department of Transportation to spread sand on the site to add some traction to the road.
Traffic was diverted through Millville from the Maverick in Nibley to Providence while emergency personnel investigated and cleaned up the wreck.
Perry said there were no significant injuries in the crash, but the driver of the Camry showed signs of impairment. He has been cited for failure to yield.
Troopers are still investigating whether drugs or alcohol could have played a factor in the crash.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

1st snowstorm 1st pull on

Welcome Mart Wellsville

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